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Kevin Prince Roseville Drum Lessons

Kevin Prince
Drums Lessons/Audio Engineer

Kevin founded One Eleven Studios in 2008 and has been playing drums since age 11. As a full time drum instructor with over 15 years teaching experience Kevin has watched his students grow and be active in the music scene. Although heavily rock influenced by bands such as Nirvana and Foo Fighters, Kevin has a wide style range of many other genres of music. Credentials include playing many venues to large audiences in bands such as Turning Point, Automatic Static(2008-2010), and played on the album Murder of California which had songs featured on MTV's The Real World Road Rules Challenge and Jersey Shore. Also, Kevin has had the privilege of opening up for bands such as Sammy Hagar, Filter, Far and Unwritten Law. Kevin is currently  endorsed by Pearl Drums, VicFirth Drumsticks, Soultone Cymbals and Aquarian Drumheads. Also check out for online drum lessons with Kevin Prince.

Also, you can listen to Kevin's current band Crisis Culture at

Valerie Geitz Roseville piano and voice lessons in roseville

Valerie Geitz
Piano/Voice Lessons

Valerie did her first vocal performance at just 7 years old. She started playing the piano at age 11 and has studied piano and voice for most of her life. She has performed in orchestra’s, bands, and has played in numerous restaurants and clubs. She also does solo projects such as weddings, funerals, and accompaniments. She has been teaching for over 20 years and has a passion for sharing the love of music with both kids and adults alike. In her piano instruction she specialized in classical technique, improvisation, theory and much more. Vocally she teaches broadway, classical, and pop techniques. She encourages performance from her students and hosts two concerts a year in which they are given the opportunity to perform.

Mark Miner Roseville guitar lessons

Mark Miner
Guitar Lessons

• 20 years full time guitar instruction experience.

• Curriculum development and assessment. From the basics to the advanced.

• Styles taught: Rock, Metal, Pop, Country and beginning Jazz. Technique, Scales, the Modal system,

Theory, Chords and chord progressions, improvisation, ear training and learning songs.

• Individual lesson plans with goal-oriented results.

• Recording, Performance and Touring artist

• Endorsed by major musical product manufactures including Ibanez, GHS Strings, Two Notes Audio and


Ages taught: 10 and up

Mark began teaching full time January 2002. He has studied both privately and College level classes.

Studies include Music Elements, Music Theory, Ear Training and Jazz Improvisation. He has performed

locally in original and cover bands as well as multiple regional, US and Canadian tours.

“I began my musical journey with an ardent desire of knowledge. I’ve been fortunate to study with very

gifted instructors from all over the world and enjoy passing those studies on to students. From the

beginner learning the basics, to the intermediate to the advanced student, I approach each with

patience and encouragement. I stress dedication and self-discipline with target goals while making it

fun! I look forward to helping you in your musical endeavors.”

Let’s do this!

Kelsey Mayer Roseville Guitar Lessons

Kelsey Mayer
Guitar Lessons

Kelsey’s musical journey started at an early age. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, the history and the roots of the musical culture were always present in his life.


At 13, Kelsey got his hands on a second-hand Fender Stratocaster and enrolled in guitar lessons at Gelb School of Music. His teenage years were steeped in music - he went on to study bass with local legend, Paul Baxter for 7 years, & started to play drums during that time too. At the age of 15, Kelsey joined a punk rock band called APA-35. After their first EP was released, Kelsey’s friends all went off to college and he went on tour with his band.


In the early 2000’s, Kelsey was hired as the resident sessions musician for the San Francisco recording studio Klepto Records, and was hired to record at iconic studios like Different Fur Studios, and gave demonstrations on recording and performing at Expressions in Emeryville.


In 2006, Kelsey joined the San Jose based metal band “A Life In Vain” and achieved some commercial success. Notable achievements include:  playing the west coast dates of The 2007 Warped Tour, sponsorship by Capital clothing, being a finalist in a Live 105 Battle of the Bands (featuring Dee Snyder as a celebrity judge), featured guest on the TLC show “Miami Ink”, as well as substantial radio airplay.


Kelsey decided to start teaching bass and guitar, as some fans of his band had inquired about lessons. He quickly learned that he had a penchant for teaching and thoroughly enjoyed it. In 2014, Kelsey put teaching aside and obtained his bachelor’s degree in literature with a minor in music composition, and then went on to attend Cal Western School of Law for a year. He realized that practicing law wasn’t in his destiny, so he turned back to music.


Kelsey’s style of teaching heavily emphasizes ear training as well as theory. From beginners to advanced students, the art of listening is an invaluable skill as a musician, and it is something that must be developed over time.

Matt Galli Roseville piano and voice lessons in roseville

Matt Galli
Voice/Piano Lessons

Matt Galli is a singer/songwriter and pianist from Roseville, CA. He enjoys playing and teaching all genres of music: including pop, rock, country, alternative, blues, and jazz. Matt discovered his love for music at the age of 11, when he started taking singing and piano lessons for the first time. As a teenager, he applied his skills to songwriting - which he still enjoys to this day. Matt received a commercial music: business degree from American River College in 2021, after studying under songwriter and producer Eric Chun. 

Matt likes to teach singing and piano by ear. His lessons are designed to help students learn the songs they love, while guiding them to improve their technique, performance, and improvisational skills. He focuses his teaching around melody and chords: the fundamentals of every genre. Learning music should always be a fun and exciting process for everyone!

Ryan Bowe Guitar Lessons Roseville

Ryan Bowe
Guitar Lessons


Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Modern Country, Alternative, Pop, Blues, Songwriting, Technique & Theory


Ryan began playing guitar at age 11 when his grandmother bought him his first guitar and several lessons. After learning “Rock You Like a Hurricane” on day one, he knew what he wanted to do with his life –ROCK! He began working in a local guitar shop at age 16 and now has nearly 30 years of experience working in the music industry, teaching full-time for well over a decade. This experience provided Ryan with great learning opportunities and exposed him to all varieties of styles and methods. Over the past thirty years, Ryan has studied with such notables as Mike Johnson (works with the Jimi Hendrix family developing educational material), Billy Raney (plays with Frank Hannon of Tesla), and Tommy Armstrong-Leavitt (performed with Wynch and Hurt, author of Chord Camp and Artist Relations Director for EMG pickups). He has also learned a great deal about musical discipline, recording, and song craft from his longtime friendship and collaboration with notable drummer Richard Shepherd (Cake and Cause & Effect). Ryan has also collaborated with some of his idols including Joey Allen (Warrant) and Scott Travis (Judas Priest). He has performed live with Claudeous Creamer of metal legends “The Possessed”, and other acclaimed artists which include Larisa Bryski, Tommy Armstrong, and Andrew Houston. Currently, Ryan writes and performs in the band EX AEGIS with Truefire artist Scott Allen and co-hosts the Rock Guitar Confidential Podcast, which explores all aspects of succeeding as a guitarist and professional musician.


Each student is profiled during a first free lesson. Ryan focuses on fundamentals and the student’s individual needs and interests, relating theory to real scenarios. As a guitar teacher he emphasizes technique to make difficult passages easier to play. Ryan encourages his students to listen to their instincts while using logic and deduction to tackle musical challenges.

Kristen Marie Violin Cello Piano Guitar Ukulele Bass Lessons Roseville

Kristen Marie
Violin, Cello, Piano, Guitar, Bass

Kristen Marie is a musician & multi-instrumentalist based in Northern California. Hailing from Northeast Ohio, at 10, she began taking cello lessons in school, which then led to taking years of private cello lessons. She went on to sit through hundreds of hours of symphony orchestra & chamber ensemble rehearsals, where her love of diverse instrumentation & layered sounds was first cultivated.

She received formal classical training & studied cello at the Cleveland Institute of Music through high school, and went on to study Cello Performance & Music Education at both Denison University & The Ohio State University. 

After teaching for a local music lessons studio for a few years in college, she started her own business, Kristen Marie Melodies, and started working for herself, continuing to offer private lessons & employing other teachers. The focus of KMM was to prepare students to perform at bi-annual recitals held at local live music venues - which gave students the experience of performing on a real stage just like professional musicians and rockstars. During her time in college, she started to play bass in bands & took on the task of mastering more instruments beyond cello, including guitar, violin, piano, bass, & ukulele. 

Kristen has maintained a year-round full time teaching schedule as a private cello, violin, guitar, bass, ukulele, voice, and songwriting instructor for 15 years, and is passionate about helping others find their way along the path of their musical journey.

She went on tour as a cellist in the strings section of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in 2011 & 2014, and most recently played cello with the heavy metal band Disturbed at the Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus, OH in 2019. In 2020, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to continue teaching & performing, and has since relocated to Midtown Sacramento.

rob munoz guitar lessons roseville

Rob Munoz
Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Rob Munoz has been playing music since the age of 11 when he was gifted an orange drum set from his dad on Christmas morning. From there it was only a matter of time before music would incapsulate his life. When Rob picked up a guitar at the age of 13 it was like he found his true calling, and never looked back. He started teaching music lessons for guitar, bass and ukulele in June of 2012 and became obsessed with helping people of all ages and backgrounds find passion for music like he did as a small boy. Rob’s unique style makes lessons fun, creative, challenging and most of all REWARDING. Rob has toured all over the US, Mexico, and England playing guitar and lead vocals in various different bands. Rob loves writing and recording his own music for his group We Guard You While You Sleep, and plans on take those songs to the stage in 2024!

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